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Charlotte Moorman: TV bra for living sculpture
tam oshanti
pigshitpoet wrote in esotericart
Originally posted by beavered_again at Charlotte Moorman: TV bra for living sculpture
давно я не постил голых баб с инструментами

Famously described by composer Edgar Varese as "the Jeanne d'Arc of new music", Charlotte Moorman was a central figure of the New York avant garde of the 1960s and'70s. Both as a performer of new music and an organizer of exhibitions, she became one of the iconic figures of the period.

Charlotte Moorman was born in 1933 in Little Rock, Arkansas. She began a traditional concert hall career (she studied classical cello at Julliard and was for several years a member of American Symphony Orchestra under Leopold Stokowski) but was soon drawn into the active mixed-media performance art scene of the 1960s. She became a close associate and collaborator of Korean avant-garde artist Nam June Paik, with whom she toured widely.

Charlotte Moorman was involved with the Fluxus movement of avant-garde and performance art and was a friend and associate of many well-known artists of the late twentieth century, including Wolf Vostell, John Cage, Joseph Byrd, Yoko Ono, Jim McWilliams and others. In 1966 artist Joseph Beuys created his work Infiltration Homogen fur Cello, a felt-covered violoncello, in her honor.

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"In a notorious 1967 incident, Moorman was arrested for going topless while performing Paik's Opera Sextronique. Two years later, they performed TV Bra for Living Sculpture, in which Charlotte wore a bra with small TV screens over her breasts." (about on youtube)

Actually it's about the following: http://www.everyday-genius.com/2013/01/nam-june-paik-opera-sextronique-turned.html

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